Line of Polity and The Technician Reviews

Nice review here of The Line of Polity from Mark Chitty over at The Walker of Worlds.

The Line of Polity is the second novel in Neal Asher’s Cormac series, following on from events in Gridlinked. I read Gridlinked quite a while back and enjoyed it and I’ve also read plenty of other works by Asher that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I picked up the complete series some time ago but, for some reason that eludes me at present, never got around to reading the sequels. Well, despite the long gap between reading the first and second I jumped straight in wondering what exactly I’d be getting here – and boy did it not disappoint!


Also another nice review here over at Temple Library Reviews of The Technician:


The Technician is about an intriguing alien mystery explored through the life of a few colorful characters. It is also a return to old familiar premises on the planet Masada for us old Asher fans.

Visiting Masada again for me was a bit like coming home and I got to enjoy some of the characters from previous books (You can read my review of them, links are below. The Line of the Polity is the one with most Masada in it).

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