Line War Review — Walker of Worlds

Mark Chitty finally got to the last in the Cormac series:

Finally I’ve come to the last Agent Cormac book, Line War, and up to now it’s been a ride of ups and downs. The first two books, Gridlinked and The Line of Polity, were rather enjoyable, but they did have their issues. After that came Brass Man and Polity Agent, both of which upped the stakes and delivered some really great sci-fi. Now with Line War the story comes to a conclusion, and while it ends the series as a whole I always had that niggle of a doubt in my mind that it might not be as spectacular as I hoped. All totally unfounded of course, as Line War not only closes the series in style, it is one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while.

Line war on Amazon and on the Book depository.

Update (I just have to add his summing up):

On a final note, the Cormac series is perhaps one of the best overall examples of sci-fi I’ve had the pleasure to read. It’s got action, adventure, intrigue, alien menaces and a whole host of other things that just hit the spot for me as a reader. Neal Asher: without a doubt the most entertaining science fiction author writing today. Well done, sir!


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