Loft Library C to G

Here’s a random shot of my loft library and you’ve got Cherryh to Gemmel, or rather Graves (there are a few none SFF books scattered through here). Seeing this I’m reminded of past reading joys, like the Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld books, the easy reading of Alan Dean Foster and the sadly missed David Gemmel. In fact every book here has been a reading pleasure. Books don’t get to stay on my shelves if they’re just mediocre. I’m guessing Bob Lock will quite like these shelves, as will Gary Gibson (not sure where I’ve put Stealing Light, Gary, but it will end up there). Nor do the numerous titles missing here that I read from the library.

I haven’t put every picture up because there’s loads of them, and I thought it might be fun to let you suggest a writer, then I’ll find the picture that covers that writer’s portion of the alphabet…

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