Macmillan Doing Stuff

So anyway, here’s a thing: Macmillan are doing all sorts of good stuff. First there are my books appearing on Audible UK. Second, the one you don’t know about till right now, is they’re doing new covers for my backlist for another push on them. I’ve seen these covers and they are pretty damned cool. First up will be the Cormac books…

And here, for your listening pleasure, are soundcloud links to those books that are now up on Audible UK:

Thanks Macmillan!

2 thoughts on “Macmillan Doing Stuff

  1. I picked up the Spatterjay trilogy on Audible and was instantly hooked. I had read Orbus a bit out of order a year or two before – not realising it was the last in the trilogy until halfway into the first chapter.
    At the time I was doing some mind-numbing student work to pay the bills of the upcoming school year and I was desperate to get something to distract me from my thoughts.
    My Google library was full of polity ebooks but couldnt read them as I needed my hands free, so on a hunch I checked Audible, and there they were. The whole trilogy went into my library and having no co-workers to distract me anyway, I listened 8 hour shifts straight.

    Thanks Neal for writing such amazing books and thanks Macmillan for bringing them to Audible!

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