Mission of Gravity – Hal Clement

The usual caveats apply here for SF first published in 1954. Cameras with film in them, laying out prints to form maps of the surface of a world etc. The digital, computer, internet age sat firmly in a future not imagined by SF writers then. Nevertheless a wonderfully visualised alien world, characters one cared about, albeit the main ones being hydrogen-breathing caterpillars, with pincers, living on a world whose gravity varied from 3g to 700g, and a stonking good tale too. Very enjoyable.

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One thought on “Mission of Gravity – Hal Clement

  1. Could not agree more – one of my favourite books and the characterisation of aliens is really good, if you ignore the fact that they just seem to have the same motivations as humans would in that situation. But there again, what motivations would an alien have that lives on a planet where gravity varies from 3 – 700 g? Excellent story and builds good empathy with the aliens

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