More About the Bookmarks Competition.

Now, first off, I’m not trying to opt out of the responsibility for judging all of these. This bookmark competition itself, just like the art competitions before it, the pictures of people’s collections and that ‘who reads my books’ thing I ran a while back, is me trying to make this blog more ‘inclusive’. I want people to join in, have a bit of input, and this to not be all about me standing on a pedestal and prating into a vacuum.

So, to that end, how would you all feel about YOU being the judges. When the time comes I can set up a poll here from PollDaddy and all of you reading this can decide. In fact, I’m going to do one now.

Who Judges the Bookmarks Competition?online surveys

Incidentally, since the number of people reading this blog had about doubled over the last year, how about some more additions to ‘Who Reads My Books?’ As before, I want a short biog plus a photograph or two.

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