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Moving swiftly on, here, for reader interest is the Polity chronology I’m presently working with:

2050 – 2250 Expansion into the solar system. Corporate wars and many generation ships, or early U-space drive ships sent on their way. Also the AI takeover of human affairs, in the ‘Quiet War’. Colony ship to Cull in this time.
2130 – Hoop and crew arrive on Spatterjay (mutiny – stolen ship)
2150 – Establishing of Golem series and Cybercorp.
2151 – Algin Tenkian born on Mars.
2190 – Skaidon interfaces with AI and invents the technology leading to the runcible and more efficient U-space engines. Humanity expands into the galaxy.

2260 – First runcible goes online.
2260 – 2350 Massive human expansion into the galaxy.
2330 – Beginning of the Prador Third Kingdom
2339 – Ian Cormac born
2310 – Prador Moon
2310 – 2350 Prador/Human war
2350 – Polity police action on Spatterjay.
2356 – Keech is killed hunting Alphed Rimsc

2407 – Disappearance of Dragon from Aster Colora.
2432 – Destruction of the Samarkand runcible.
2434 – Arrival of Hubris at Samarkand (Gridlinked)
2437 – Destruction of Outlink station Miranda (Line of Polity)
2441 – Pursuit of Skellor (Brass Man)

2450 – Gosk Balem (Ambel) thrown into the sea – 100 years after war.
2500 – David McGrooger born
2550 – Keech finds Corbel Frane on Viridian – 500 years before
2803 – Polity arrives at Spatterjay to establish runcible base
2853 – Frisk hands herself in (apparently). – 200 years before
2878 – Bloc murdered by Aesop and Bones
3056 – Keech Janer and Erlin arrive on Spatterjay (The Skinner)
3078 – Taylor Bloc’s ship launches (The Voyage of the Sable Keech)

7 thoughts on “Polity Timeline

  1. I had no idea that the existing books covered such a big span of time. I figured that "The Skinner" wasn't that long after the other events… (Of course, I read "The Skinner" and then "Gridlinked" but still…).

  2. All you have to remember is that Sable Keech had been a reification for 700 years and some of the Old Captains had been knocking about for even longer than that. Gridlinked was set in the 25th century. I made a rod for my own back when I wrote The Skinner … but now I have a 1000 years of stories to tell.

  3. I'm sure the discovery of time travel must come into the Polity timeline somewhere. I just got my copy of Africa Zero, and on the page where it has a list of books by Neal Asher, this includes (sic) "Gridlocked."

    Isn't this the one where Cormac pursues Skellor back to the early 21st century, only to become stuck in London traffic?

  4. gridlocked. that's funny. i can't believe i hadn't noticed. sadly my entire library is still in boxes from the move *a year* ago, so i can't even check.

    i can't find book shelves i like.

    it's distressing.

  5. ah but wasn't that gridlock, no 'ed'?

    i feel you're safe.

    a little ed can go a long way.

    'a horse is a horse of course of course,
    who follows a lifestyle we don't endorse, he sucks the blood of sheep by force, the vampire horse Count ed."

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