MP's Pay Rise.

Every now and again I’ll read something, blink, read it again, then listen for the theme music from The Twilight Zone playing in the background. I’d like to say that what I’ve just read beggars belief, but it doesn’t, it seems par for the course for the 646 twits in Parliament pretending to run this country. It’s just the normal ‘I’m sitting at the top of the heap so fuck you’ attitude of these lying, cheating, grasping, slobbering Orwellian swine.
These rancid turds claimed a total of £86,700,000 in expenses and office allowances last year, which averages £134,000 each. These 646 septic shitbags each cost us £726,000 a year for which they actually work (if it can be called that) for less than half a year. Their pay has risen by 37% since 1997. They get a £40,000 a year inflation-proof pension


They are on £625 a day before expenses! With expenses they are on £1250! Will the expenses go down? Will they buggery. If they get their way these sodden lumps of fecal matter floating at the top of the parasitic public sector will be on £1500 a day – that’s just about the weekly minimum wage per hour!
Shit! Where is Guy Fawkes when we need him most!

4 thoughts on “MP's Pay Rise.

  1. I was lead to believe that swearing shows a lack of vocabulary. Yet here I see it demonstrated quite admirably by an author who can bash out 10,000 words without breaking a sweat.

    Fucking useless cunts I had as teachers!

  2. Almost as if you lived here in the Czech Republic, Neal. The currency is different, but the manners are the same. We are without a proper government for half an year, without a working parliament, but they all take their money and the salary rise is the only thing they are able to agree on.

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