Mr Crane – Carlos Mendez

Here’s another one from Carlos Mendez. Comments please! Incidentally, I’ll put the picture title and artist’s name in the titles of these posts from now on.

Artist’s Comments
This is another piece inspired on Neal Asher’s books. It’s a mad Golem Android called Mr. Crane…

The words “Golem Android” evoke to me something technologically very advanced (an android with an AI) but at the same time something classic-old fashioned (something with a medieval air…a Golem…). That’s why I tried to give it a “mechanic look”…with those clockwork-like wheels and all…

I have to admit it…Jack Kirby was one of my greatest influences…and Jim Steranko (who was clearly inspired by Kirby…) and Mike Mignola (who is also influenced by Kirby) …and Paul Gulacy (who was very influenced by Steranko…ok, ok, ….Steranko was influenced by…Kirby…!)

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