My thanks to Roger Fourt for pointing out this particular site to me: Here you can find a short animated film called Rockfish, created by Tim Miller at Blur studios. It’s excellent. I felt impelled to email the guy and say so, and to wonder how long it would be before all actors end up having to sign on at the dole office. He emailed back to thank me, but also to tell me he is a HUGE SF fan and has The Skinner and Prador Moon sitting on his shelf. He’s also told me that they’re developing Rockfish i.e. turning it into something bigger. Bloody good luck to Tim Miller and Blur studios I say!

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  1. ggritty and gorgeous masterpiece… may these guys catch an even bigger "fish" of public appreciation. I can feel the atmosphere of "Skinner" there, but actually reminded me more of good old Stanley Weinbaum.

  2. I would love to see a short film made of the prologue to Polity Agent. As soon as I read it I thought it would make a movie in it's own right. But a short no frills animated version would be great. how about offering him a free stab at it, or offering to write something else for him, I'd pay a fee to watch a snippet from The Skinner or Prador Moon. Oohh! yes please!

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