Necropath – Eric Brown

I remember Eric Brown from Interzone back in the eighties, with his short story The Time-Lapsed Man being a particular highlight. Like many other writers I enjoy now his name stuck in my mind (Alastair Reynolds, Ian M Banks) but haven’t really read any of his books. So, walking into Waterstones and seeing his name and this cover I just picked up Necropath and bought it. I’m glad I did. Here we have the void ships of his short stories, the massive Bengal Station space port, intrigue, murder, an alien monster and a telepathic customs official whose outlook reminds some of Silverberg’s Dying Inside – everything the hardened SF addict wants. Time now for me to a take a look at all the other books he’s written which, for some inexplicable reason, just seemed to have passed me by. Recommended.

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