New Covers for Mindgames: Fool’s Mate and Runcible Tales

Judging by some of his posts on social media Vincent Sammy has been busy producing artwork for publications for Stephen King and Richard Chizmar, but now he’s got round to doing some more for me. I’ve been in no hurry with all this and suggested he get on with them time permitting.

When I’d just about reached the stage where story rejections were not so common for me, I threw together a selection of foundational Polity stories. Runcible Tales was taken by the small press publisher of ‘chapbooks’ Piper’s Ash just before I got taken on by Macmillan. The guy continued selling these for some years afterwards until closing down his press with the stories reverting to me. Now the collection is up on Amazon Kindle and POD but was sorely in need of the new cover you see here.

Mindgames: Fool’s Mate was my first book for which I actually got paid a decent amount: £1,000. I dislike the title the publisher foisted on me but am not sure it’s worse than the original To Die but Once. MFM always seems to me to be statement to which the reply should be, ‘Yes, they do indeed.’ This was another one in need of a new cover which Mr Sammy has provided.

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