New Printer Required.

I’ve got an Epson R200 printer that’s just died on me, or rather I snuffed it. I’d been using refillable cartridges and the printing had started getting a bit crappy i.e. the head just wouldn’t clean properly. I took the head out and cleaned it up then replaced it, with the result that the printer won’t even power up. Now, don’t make the mistake here of pointing a finger and going, “It’s all your own fault not using Epson cartridges etc.” Frankly, I’ve saved the cost of about ten sets of five cartridges by refilling this way and that’s a large lump of money, in fact, if I’d been buying Epson replacements at full price, somewhere in the £600 region. Now, which is the best and cheapest printer that’s easily refillable without paying a fortune for the brand-name ink cartridges? Is there a printer out there that you can just fill with ink rather than buying cartridges (or am I just dreaming of a perfect world). Is there, really, a way of printing without being thoroughly ripped-off? Is there a printer out there without the usual built-in obsolescence and built-in facility to screw you over?Anyone got any advice?
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  1. Anything by HP is the usual answer I give. Their drivers are reasonable, Linux and Apple kit will usually work with them with a minimum of fiddling, and their cartridges have the ink heads built in.

    So, with HP cartridges you can refill them reasonably easily, and if you do get it wrong and bung them up, just buy a new cartridge and you get a whole new print head too.

  2. Why not look for a continuous ink system on Ebay (CISS) and buy a printer to match it. A bit dearer up front but the tanks sit away from the print heads so you never need to go into fart about with them you just put the inks in the external tanks 100ml at a time.

    If you don't need colour get a mono laser printer. Much cheaper to run than an inkjet and the toners can be refilled if you're up for the mess.

  3. I've gone and bought a HP Photosmart D5160. There is a continuous ink system for it, but presently sold out. I'll see how I can get on with the drill and syringe until the systems are available again.

    Ian, that's a mono printer. I tend to do a lot of colour printing (bookmarks and so forth).

  4. I've got an HP PSC 1500… I tried using the local cartridge refill service – about £8 instead of £20 for the replacement cartridge. But it totally stuffed my printer and stopped working not long after I refilled. Right up until I bought a replacement cartridge… sigh.

  5. I've been hearing that if you leave an inkjet unused for awhile the printer heads cake up and wont work.

    Why would a writer work with anything less then an laser printer is beyond me. Unless you have money to burn. I've owned 4 printers in my life and the HP L series is about the best. The toner costs about $90CND and is easy to replace and prints about 2000 pages. In theory.

    The other thing I'm checking out is
    a printing service. Staples for example is 8 cents a page. For how often I print out a draft of a 400+ page document(twice/year?) makes more sense to outsource the print job. Besides all I do is email the document to my nearest Staples print center over night and by the time I'm ready to go into work it's done for me. No worries, no hassles. Sure it may cost me $40 for the job plus tax but its easier to go that way then to watch the pages come off the printer and having to baby sit the printer for an hour and a half or so. Also, a store won't always have your toner in stock if its a popular brand name. If I want to make extra copies of page 37 I can use the photo copy machine at work.

    Besides, outsourcing the print job gets me out of the house as well 😉

  6. Mate, might be simpler all round to get a Vodoun priest to raise a zombie William Caxton to do all your printing for you 🙂

  7. Might want to look at Canon. Most of their color inkjets have seperate tanks for each color.

    Here in the States, color laser printers are in the $200-250 range and might be worth a look.

    Good luck

  8. Bite the bullet and buy a colour laser printer. I saw a reasonable HP color laserjet advertised for £125 last week… The toner cartridges cost about 60 quid each but last much longer and the speed difference is phenomenal (despite what they claim about inkjet speeds).


    PS – enjoyed Hilldiggers, just impatient for Line War now…

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