New Publisher for Gridlinked, Brass Man and The Skinner

Good news for US readers:

“I’m pleased to confirm that Skyhorse and Start Media would love to publish Gridlinked, The Skinner, and Brass Man – Skyhorse to release in paperback and audio, and Start in Ebook. Skyhorse will aim to release in paperback next summer but the good news is that Start can make the ebooks available pretty much as soon as we’ve taken care of the paperwork. That shouldn’t take long so hopefully the ebooks will be available in the new year.”

Release dates to be confirmed.

2 thoughts on “New Publisher for Gridlinked, Brass Man and The Skinner

  1. I just read Prador Moon and Shadow of the Scorpion. I was disappointed to see that Gridlinked wasn’t available on I hope these are available ASAP!

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