15 thoughts on “Nothing Much Happening Here For a While.

  1. I've got them all (missing some little ones like Runcible Tales). Now, when do we get Line War? If you'd like some help editing for continuity, I have a nearly perfect memory…

    All good stuff. Hilldiggers has some moments of brilliance, but it's not my favourite. A bit too political and the AI's (with the exception of Tigger) come off as a bit conceited, but then the political bit is what some people like. To each their own, as it's obvious that quite a few SciFi fans like it.

    No, I like the Keech story lines most. So much so that I've taken to referring to my Border Collie as a Dogification.

    Keep it up as your weaker stuff is better than 90% of the rest of the books I resort to reading.

  2. I picked up the Sable Keech two weeks ago, never read your books before.
    I have spent a fucking fortune(by my standards) I went out and bought the lot, except for the african one, and then sat down and read them all in sequence, my wife went dippy!.
    Up there with Ian M banks, compulsive, consuming books that feed as well as entertain, I went back to the brass man twice, Mr Crane has a future, and your AIs are beautifuly constructed, I just hope that the real things turn out like that, perhaps they should use your books for AI training?

    Thank You!!!!!!!!


  3. I've got them nearly all as well, apart from Runcible Tales and The Engineer (don't like short stories too much). I just finished Hilldiggers this afternoon (in my garden, it was a sunny autumn day :). I've been reading it as slow as I could, to postpone the depressing feeling of having to turn the last page and then start the long, long wait for the next one (2008 it says on wikipedia).
    Anyway, I enjoyed hilldiggers a lot. I like the Polity even more than the Culture.

    Thank You.

  4. Hmm Prador Moon! Not read that yet.

    /me adds it his amazon wish list.

    I read Runcible tales the other week, found it in my GFs book collection (she being the one that got me into your books). Wondered what this little soft backed shiny thing was, seemed like something from my school days! Very nice collection, gave me some insight i was lacking into your universe.

    If your bored I've found trying to work out your favourite films of all time gets the braincells working, its harder than you think as one more film pops into your head with a "a shit i'd forgot about that one!" Or you could lemmie know if Cormac is just another avatar :p

    Vaughan – wesaid.org

  5. Here's to hoping there will be hard cover version of Cowl one day. It was the first book I read of yours and I still love the hell out of it.

    Maybe one day you can write a book about the task force troopers of that world.


  6. although I am a great fan….I have noticed that you use the verb "grimace" on almost evry 5th page.it's driving me crazy!

  7. Wake up You lazy mother.

    The only excuse is that you have finished a book and there is a publishing date for the next one, with the obligatory book/pub signing.


  8. I'm really looking forward to reading Line War when it comes out; the Polity books are getting better and better as they go along. In the meantime, Neal, I miss your rants about global warming and Labour. When can we expect some comments about Bali and CO2 emissions? Hopefully soon…

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