Order of the Books

Since this is a question I’m frequently asked and since there are new visitors here all the time, I thought it might be a good idea to put this up again:

Order of the books.

The Cormac series:

1.Gridlinked 2. The Line of Polity 3. Brass Man 4. Polity Agent 5. Line War

The Spatterjay series:

1. The Skinner 2. The Voyage of the Sable Keech 3. Orbus

Stand alones:

Prador Moon – the start of the Prador-human war and set before the above two series.
Shadow of the Scorpion – Cormac’s early years just after the Prador-human war.
Hilldiggers – a novel set after all the above
The Gabble – a collection of stories in the above future
The Engineer ReConditioned – a collection of short stories.
Runcible Tales – six short stories in a chapbook
Cowl – time-travel novel (completely separate from the above)
The Technician – book set after the rebellion on Masada (The Line of Polity)

15 thoughts on “Order of the Books

  1. As a very young man I acquired E.E Doc Smiths complete Lensman series and found myself re-reading the complete series every year or so. Works of other authors such as Asimov, Clarke, Dick and many, many others I may have re-visted perhaps a couple of times in a decade, or perhaps even two.

    My very great thanks for all your efforts Mr Asher these have not only kept me thoroughly entertained but have gripped and tightened that grip on each successive journey through every chapter in every book. For me you have surpassed the good Doc – please keep them coming.

  2. These books are absolutely great! Just finished Orbus and I loved it. Great characters, really neat battles, amazing tech, real characters and romance. Definitely among my favorites now, please keep them coming.

    And Cormac rules!!!

  3. I have only recently discovered your work and I must say I am hooked. I have just finished my third: Shadow if the Scorpion and found it thourpughly entertaining.

    I am now set to read each of the Polity books and I am looking forward to it.

    Your work is well-paced, it has characters that resonate and it has utterly entertained me. Thank you and long may you continue.

  4. Please keep writing. Please churn out these books as fast as possible. I just recently began reading your work. They’re incredible and some of my favorite sci-fi. I can’t read them fast enough! Love the Polity and the amazing universe you’ve created. Thanks for what you do!

  5. My brother recommended your books and have binged on them over the last couple of months, Cormac, Spatterjay Hilldiggers and just ordered Cowl to keep me going. I’ve got to say that I haven’t enjoyed reading so much since I discovered sci-fi as a kid, keep them coming.

  6. I’m really enjoying these books which I came across a few weeks ago. I recently finished Gridlinked, and have now started The Line of Polity but feel like I may have missed something after coming across a section where it says that after the events on Samarkand in Gridlinked, Cormac had spent far too much time trying to figure out who had put a contract on his life, and was then involved in resolving a problem involving a group of amphidapt separatists on Europa. Are these Cormac adventures between Gridlinked and The Line of Polity that I have not read contained in any of the collections of short stories?

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