12 thoughts on “Parasite.

  1. No chance of you sticking an ebook of the story on your website, is there (a la Charlie Stross)?

    The book may be out of print, but all the likes of me are interested in is the story, not the big papery thing its written on.

    An ebook makes a lot of sense to the likes of me. It is also starting to make sense to music publishers, too (iTunes, anyone) and ebook readers are slowly becoming more prevalent.

    Any chance?

  2. holy crap, bob, on the engineer price. maybe my plan of retiring on sales of asher first editions may yet come to fruition! (i have a original copy of the engineer as well. ;p)

  3. Yeah, I do like that blog, galloglass, but I'm discovering there's a lot out there like that and I daren't put any more on my to-read list.

    Bob, I wonder if they ever sell at that price? You'll note there's no bids on there and that's the 'buy now' price.

    dr dan h, I might get round to doing something like that, but beforehand I would have to go through the text with and editorial pencil again. Worth a look, anyway.

    Excerpt from Misery by Stephen King:
    "Are you my greatest fan, Kirby?" he said nervously.
    "Sure," Kirby replied, hoisting up his sledgehammer to rest it across his shoulder. "Now what is it going to take to make you stay sitting by that pc?"

  4. see, you just need to tour the US. I'll start the Neal Asher Cheerleader Association (NACA) and form a "best interpretation of Cormac" contest, prize being a scale shuriken with holster prop.

    i see it all now…


  5. Kirby, man, you gotta get out more
    and maybe lay off the additives.

    never! outside, bad, inside? good!
    if additives are wrong, i don't want to be right! … if, by additives, you mean cocaine, vodka, and midget pornography.

  6. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this on ebay. Needless to say i bought one……I probably should have bought them all 🙂

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