Paul Di Filippo revew of Shadow

Interesting review of Shadow of the Scorpion by Paul Di Filippo here at Sci Fi Weekly:

The way the soldiers of the Polity are rebuilt after what would otherwise be fatal wounds; the way the Separatists wage an insurgency; the way the commanders of the Polity ruthlessly direct their war; the nature of an enemy like the Prador—all these elements and more bespeak close attention to 21st-century headlines. Asher even subtly connects sex and torture, as in the Abu Ghraib scandal. Here’s Yallow seducing Cormac: “I’m going to need your undivided attention for a good hour.” And here’s ultra-tough Agent Spencer preparing to torture information out of a rebel named Sheen: “You are a very valuable piece of meat and you are going to receive my utter attention over the next few hours.” Case closed.

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