Prador Moon back cover.

When I received the image of the full dust jacket of Prador Moon I noted that the picture on the back was from Hilldiggers. It was only when I noted it was also on the spine that I queried this. That image was only a mock up so I could see what the front of the book was like. Now, as you see, I’ve received the back cover image for approval. Damn, this is good. I’m thinking now that it really ought to be this one on the front!

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  1. Yeah Neal,
    That back cover image looks very cool indeed. Hard to choose which I prefer that or the front. However, I would liked to have seen a gigantic crab peeping out of a port-hole…

  2. Damn it. I'm almost tempted to pick up the British version now. Even though I've already read the US version. Is that the war drone? I vote we name it Pogrom. Best name for a war drone ever.

    I've been working on some gridlinked fan art (feeble sketchs, but a Drawer Draws I guess). Dracomen are a pain to draw. I've looked at dozens of bird and dinosoaur skeletons. The Dracomen always wind up looking like they're getting ready to drink a pint instead of being menacing.

    More Spatterjay please.

  3. Novawasp, i think that's the artist's impression of the first sight of the Prador coming through the docking tunnel from their ship. It's got no legs, nor real claws, but what the hell – looks menacing enough.

    I'd like to see those pictures.

    Quote from Gridlinked:

    “You asked what they are. Well, a very long time ago a palaeontologist by the name of Dale Russell followed up on a little thought-experiment of his. He was wondering what dinosaurs might have evolved into, had not mammals displaced them. For his basic model he took a dinosaur called stenonychosaurus, and from that he developed what he called a dinosauroid. These are something like his model.”

    Google 'dinosauroid' and you get some idea, except for the birdlike legs.

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