Prador Moonrise.

Well, here’s some nice news. According to Jason Williams of Night Shade Books, my gore-fest-of-flesh-eating-aliens book, Prador Moon, is their second-best selling title. I immediately inquired who was their best seller. I don’t mind … I don’t mind coming second best to Ian M Banks. (hur hur) Oh, and here’s another thing that’s been brought to my notice: The Top 10 SF writers of the 00’s. I’m not sure this list means much, but it’s nice to see that someone thinks like this! Final bit of news. I’ve handed in Line War to Macmillan and am now turning my attention to another –short– book for Night Shade’s. This one will be about Cormac’s early years.

5 thoughts on “Prador Moonrise.

  1. More Spatterjay.

    Load Sniper in a proper warship and send him off with Keech.

    I'm sure there is something out there worth hunting.

    Or just write what you want. I'll read it .

  2. I think it might be Captain Orbus on the spaceship Gurnard, maybe set in the Graveyard (borderland between the Prador and the Polity), with Vrell's machinations, and maybe a drone or two squirreled away in the hold…

  3. Nice to hear Neal, you certainly deserve the credit from the books I've read. I'll be picking up the Macmillan edition of Prador Moon when it's released in all its HB goodiness (hopefully)!

    As for the Cormac prequel, I can't really comment as I've yet to pick up any of those books yet – I've been given harsh orders from the other half not to spend at the moment 🙁

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