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Just to let you all know that, for reasons all to do with the mysterious and deeply arcane arts of publishing, The Departure will be published after the one I’m presently writing: Gabbleducks. I also need to add that for reasons of clarity (I’ve already published The Gabble which is too similar a title) and other reasons entirely my own (because the story has taken some seriously odd turns) Gabbleducks will have to remain a provisional title for now. It might end up being called The Technician, The Ballad of Jeremiah Tombs, Sculptures of Bone or even Alien Resurrection (Hur Hur). I just don’t know right now.

Update (because of Mark Chitty’s comment): There will be a book next year – I just have to work harder on the one I’m presently writing so it’s ready for then. The two titles will simply be swapping places in the publishing schedule.

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