Reminder: Heffers.

I nicked this from elsewhere:

Heffers 2nd Science Fiction & Fantasy Evening will be on Thursday 2nd November from 6.30pm. Tickets are £2.00 each, this is redeemable against a purchase made on the night. Under 15s go free, but still require an entry ticket.

For further information or to purchase tickets, please contact Heffers Bookshop, The Grafton Centre, Cambridge or telephone 01223 568573 or email
We have a fantastic line-up again this year and the evening will be free from speeches and readings, just a chance to meet some fantastic authors, get books signed and mingle.

The line-up is as follows:

Mark Chadbourn, Chaz Brenchley, Stan Nicholls, James Barclay, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Neal Asher, Justina Robson, Jon George, Mike Carey, Steve Cockayne, Juliet E McKenna, Jessica Rydill, Amanda Hemingway, Paul Kearney, Mark Robson, Sam Enthoven, Ian Whates, Simon Satori Hendley, S F Said, Matthew Skelton, Eoin McNamee, Erin Hunter, Angie Sage, Philip Reeve and Peter F Hamilton.

6 thoughts on “Reminder: Heffers.

  1. totally un-related to the post, but my copy of polity agent just arrived, and may i say it's a darn pretty copy at that. i may have to leave the office early to get started on it…


  2. Skar, it all went okay. I signed a few books for customers there then piles of stock. I drank too much, got told off for smoking a fag in the Grafton centre, spilt red wine on my shirt and talked bollocks (par for the course really).

    Kirby, well, Dragon's origins were detailed in Gridlinked, but really, the further plot twists I didn't know until I wrote them. All rather neat I think – must all be in the process of being worked out in my subconscious.

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