Robotic Trousers

Seeing this, I cannot help but think about the Wallace and Gromit ‘The Wrong Trousers’. However, this sort of thing is seriously cool and is only going to get better. Reminds me of a piece I did for Nature Magazine in which I had a guy going to a museum to see one particular exhibit there: a wheelchair. Let’s hope that sort of thing happens in the near future. I wonder if, in my lifetime, it’ll cease to be compulsory to have wheelchair access to new-build houses?

An Israeli entrepreneur has invented robotic ‘trousers’ that can help paraplegics walk again.

Amit Goffer was paralysed in a car crash in 1997 and immediately set out to invent a device that could replace the wheelchair.

He has invented ‘ReWalk’: robotic trousers that use sensors and motors to allow paralysed patients to stand, walk and even climb stairs

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