Shortlisted Again.

Here’s a recent email from Petr Kotrle, the guy who translates my books into Czechoslovakian. A number of years ago The Skinner won the Salamander Award there (the picture is of the publisher collecting it), and in a subsequent award Gridlinked was shortlisted. Now it’s the turn of The Line of Polity.

Dear Neal

Another year is over and we have shortlists for the Czech SF&F&H Academy Award again. You are in for best SF novel with Line of Polity, but the competition is really hard this year: Olympos by Dan Simmons (another of my translations), NeoAddix by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Songmaster by Orson Scot Card and Valhalla: The Last Day by Czech writer Frantisek Novotny.

3 thoughts on “Shortlisted Again.

  1. congrats and i am sure you will win. i love your books, they are quickly becoming the books i read when i have nothing to do. they are getting to be first choice.

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