Spooks 6 Continued.

Ah, I made a large error in my previous post about Spooks Series 6 in that I thought I’d reached the end at eight episodes. Perhaps that was hopeful thinking. Anyway, there were two more episodes which we sat down to watch last night. Maybe there was a chance of the series redeeming itself here, but I didn’t hold out much hope.

I was right; it was utterly contrived dreck.

Let’s go with the first disc: an IRA bomber has come to exact vengeance upon our heros. He intends to detonate a car bomb in a busy part of London. He instructs the spooks to position themselves around the car, at which point he will give them time to drive away the public before detonating it and killing the spooks. Of course, if they don’t come he will kill civilians and then detonate further bombs until the spooks comply by sacrificing themselves. Damn me Al Qaeda and all the rest should try this method. I mean the tube bombers could have taken out MI5 and MI6 all in one hit.

The second disc was as bad. Two highly-trained spooks, a man and a woman, are captured by a couple of guys who intend to torture them. These two spooks placidly allow themselves to be locked in a room together prior to torture commencing. They are not bound, they are not injured and the torturers use just the one door to enter the room. Whilst in the room the female spook asks the male spook to snap her neck because she doesn’t want to be tortured. I guess it never occurred to either of them to try attacking their captors. Yes, the torturers are armed with handguns, but isn’t the possibility of getting shot better than a) the certainty of a broken neck and b) unremitting torture? Are MI5 fucking pacifist now?

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