Stem Cell Gamble

Damn, I’ve only just read this. I didn’t realize this stuff was so advanced. But then I should have guessed we’d be seeing treatments like this off the radar in countries where medical advances aren’t burdened by leaden bureaucracy and HSE minded jobsworths. This is fucking brilliant!

A year on, he has regained strength in his legs, back and stomach, can control his upper body movements and walk with parallel bars.

His circulation has improved, hairs have started growing on his legs for the first time in 20 years and his hope now is that soon he will be able to walk unaided.

I did a short piece once for Nature Magazine, in which I had a character walking into a museum to gaze at a wheelchair in a glass case with a plaque detailing when such archaic devices were last used. Seems this has every chance of being a reality within my lifetime. Excellent!

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