Story Casting.

Just got this contact on Myspace…

Can you supply a movie cast for the Polity novels? I’ll
bet your fans can… Hello, Neal.

We have a fun, free website (www. storycasting. com) where readers can create and post a “fantasy cast” for their favorite fiction, and we’ve put your books on our site, ready for casting!

Readers select a work they’ve read, choose main characters, and then fill the roles with current movie and TV stars. We also offer a special free “author account”, where authors come on the site, cast their own works “authoritatively”, and then send their fans to cast. Each cast is a vote for an actor in that role, and with each cast the favorites rise to the top.

We’ve put all your books on our site, plus links to your website and Amazon. Go take a look at the site, see what authors and readers are doing, and maybe try it out. If you’d like your free author account, so you can cast your books (Pat Rothfuss did), let me know, and we’ll get you set up.

Additionally, we are giving away free “CAST THIS BOOK” bookmarkers to our authors, to use as freebies during signings and appearances. If you email me, I will send a JPG of the front and back, so you can see what they look like. Just let us know how many you can use between now and June, and we’ll ship them to you.

We hope you enjoy the site, and decide to join the Storycasting community of casting authors.


Jeff Reid

“for the movie in your mind”

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