Poor Overworked Old Man, Enslaved and Oppressed.

So here we have Disco Stu’s blog where he displays my last two video clips and posts:

Only notice the date! 10 days have elapsed and this author still wears the same nondescipt t-shirt – no doubt not even being allowed to leave the room! His bleary eyes watery and aching from constant work. His legs wasting away and back deformed as he hunches interminably over his desk of confinement.

So now we see the truth of publishing! 10 days later and what was ostensibly a video blog can be seen for what it really is – a cry for help!

Can you not hear the clink of the manacles hidden below sight while I slave away at my desk – manacles that are tight around my swollen sledgehammer-broken ankles?
Bloody hell, I didn’t know it was a fashion show. I’ve now got to check which shirt I was wearing in the previous video clip when I do a new one. Or, alternatively, being me, perhaps from now on I should ensure I always wear the same T-shirt in future clips!

Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web

I picked up this Neil Gaiman clip via an SF Signal twitter. Rather similar to an earlier speculation of mine that book piracy might be an electronic version of the second-hand book shop. I’m not entirely sure I agree. Does this apply outside SF? How does it apply for lesser known authors? How does it apply to authors who aren’t regularly publishing books?

You Can Contribute.

Here’s just a little reminder for everyone, and some information for new members here: If you delve into the history of this blog you’ll find a number of ways you can contribute.

The bookmarks competition finishes on New Year’s Day. Design me some bookmarks that use the Jon Sullivan artwork and display the eddress of this blog and you could be the winner of some signed copies. The winner gets the Cormac series and the Spatterjay series (new covers), second place gets the Spatterjay series, whilst the top three additionally get copies of my books that they haven’t got in their collection … oh, and when I say that, I mean any of the Macmillan books – all signed of course.

I’ve been running a series of profiles and still want contributions. The title was ‘Who Reads My Books?’ For anyone who is interested, I’d like a short biography and some photographs of you. Tell me about yourself, advertise if you want, if you have a blog or a website of your own then let me know. Thus far (if my recollection is right) we have plenty of IT guys, a pilot, a geneticist, writers, a composer, jewellery maker and much more besides. But don’t be intimidated by these – I want to know about YOU and your interests. Remember, before I got where I am now I used to cut grass for a living.

It’s also interesting to see photos of people’s SFF collections. I enjoy having a look at them and so do many of those who come here. Let’s have a look!

Send your photographs etc here ndotasheratvirgindotnet

Finally, I’ll shortly be doing another video clip to post up here so I would like some more questions. I’ll answer as many of these as I can within the 10 minutes allowed (You Tube) then carry over what’s left to the next clip. Post your questions in the comments section here.