Video Clips

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those video clips. I’m told by various people that they like them but, unfortunately, I’m not getting enough questions. Here are the questions in the comments of the previous clip:

ChrisW: You’ve probably answered this before somewhere, so feel free to ignore, but, what’s up with “The Departure”(the HB not the eBook) not being available/published in the USA? Is it going the way of “The Line of Polity”?

Still annoys me that when I look at my Asher shelve that there is no Line HB. Bloody publishers! 🙂

Spaceoperaghost: Will you ever expand on the story of The Quiet War?

Taylor Preston: When you write, do you revise/edit as you go or do you just hammer out the first draft before you put pen to paper and start making changes? I know you’ve said before you don’t normally outline, so I’m wondering how much revision you end up doing and how you go about it.

Huan: What size are Amistad and Sniper?

arj209: Have you reached the lofty heights of stardom of being recognised in the streets?

Friso: Your Wikipedia article mentions “runcible” is an homage to ansible. Is that how you intended it?

Thezzphai: In an interview you talked about your next Polity book possibly being called “Penny Royal”. Can you already tell something about the content (pretty please) and when it will be released approximately? Are you already working on it or is it just an idea for the time being?

The last one here has been answered and is being answered on the blog but I suppose I can go over it again a bit, and the first one here is just a ‘don’t know’ but I guess I could waffle on about the subject for a bit. But I could do with some more questions. Please append some in the comments below. Oh, and I’m saving this one from the last post for the next clip too:

Chrish: ‘I’m finding the writing ridiculously easy (which is worrying)’. I’m puzzled, why worrying?

John Carter (2012) Trailer 2 HD 1080p

Okay. I watched one trailer and wasn’t convinced, but seeing this one I now know I’ve got to see this. I think John Carter of (on?) Mars was about one of the first SFF books I ever read. It was the big four-armed green bugger on the cover that attracted my attention.


I was looking round for the cover picture of ‘John Carter of Mars’ which shows you how your memory plays tricks with you. The first of these books I read was ‘A Princess of Mars’.