Terry Pratchett

Anybody watch the Dimbleby lecture from Terry Pratchett ‘Shaking Hands with Death’? Or rather the Pratchett lecture delivered by Tony Robinson because this brilliant and wise writer is too buggered up by Alzheimers to deliver something like that. Here’s a bit about it, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find more if you do a search. He’s feels the terminally ill should be allowed to kill themselves, that the means should be made available – assisted by medical practitioners if necessary – and I thoroughly agree. The government doesn’t own our bodies (though of course it would like to) and it is our choice to make. In fact I’ve always agreed with this, but it’s even more plain to me after seeing both my father and my brother on their death beds. I want the option Pratchett is after for himself: sitting in a chair in his garden with a glass of brandy and exit potion of choice. No damned way do I want to end up dribbling and pissing my pyjamas in some stinking old people’s home, or tubed up in a hospital with those supposedly looking after me afraid to give me enough painkillers for fear of being accused of killing me. In fact that will not happen to me; I intend to ensure it won’t happen.

What do you think?

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