Thanks Mark!

Here’s the link to Walker of Worlds (Mark Chitty’s blog) where you’ll find a review of Hilldiggers, part of which I’ve put below:

This story has everything you need from a good sci-fi book: great in-depth characters, a gripping story, weird and wonderful alien environments and wildlife, big space battles, a Polity drone and one of the best things you can ask for from a book: it’s a page turner that will leave you wanting more. Neal has once again used his imagination to conjure up vivid images of alien effects on humanity.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Mark!

  1. No problem Neal, I really enjoyed! The only problem I have now is that all of your other books I've bought have been swiftly confiscated as 'birthday presents'. Arrggghhhh!

  2. Confiscated as birthday presents? Uh?
    Why have your birthday presents been confiscated? I don't understand.

    I have posted on their Lucy — I'll be interested to see the reaction to it.

  3. As soon as the books arrived (Gridlinked, Line Of Polity, Skinner, Voyage of the Sable Keech) my mum said 'I'll take those and you can have them on your birthday.' Only two and a half weeks to wait though…..

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