The Engineer ReConditioned

So, anyway, someone complained on Twitter that this short story collection The Engineer ReConditioned wasn’t available as an ebook. I got onto John Betancourt at Wildside Press who publish this and pushed to have it done. He mulled over the idea of a bit of a relaunch whereupon I suggested he get Jon Sullivan in to do the cover picture. Here then is the result:

Mysterious aliens … ruthless terrorists … androids with attitude … genetic manipulation … punch-ups with lasers … giant spaceships … what more could you want? This great collection of 10 short stories by the author of Gridlinked, The Skinner, In the Line of Polity, and many more is a great read!

Note: The Engineer ReConditioned is a revamp plus some additional stories of the book below, which means it contains stuff a minimum of 16 years old.
Oh, and if you can find copies of this, I’ve seen them going for $125 on Ebay.

One thought on “The Engineer ReConditioned

  1. Just reading it, same problem as usual, can’t put it down. It gives a different perspective on the Jane and made me realize that the picture given in the Cormac and Spatterjay novels is limited to the products of their terminal war, rather like someone trying to put together a picture of European history from a WW1 trench. I like the cover and I would like to see some more pictures like this, perhaps published as a stand alone book. What does a Prador really look like? or A Droon, or a Polity Dreadnought. Unless of course these are deliberate gaps to make the reader use their own imagination.

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