8 thoughts on “The Gabble & Other Stories

  1. Thanks for the mention, Neal. Everyone who has read early pdf copies of the anthology has commented on the Mason's Rats stories. It's a real pleasure to have them in the book. Next time, I'll tap you up for a Polity story too…

  2. Knowing this collection was in the offing I was hanging onto them, George. Anyway, most of these have been published before in something wide-circulation and it seems a bit of a piss-take to stick them again in a multi-author anthology. I just need to write some more…

    Brent, it's the same artist as did my old covers, Steve Rawlings, though the cover designer is different: Neil Lang.

  3. Sweet…. Now if just get Line of Polity and Brass Man in Hardcover (paperbacks are getting worn from too many readings and loan outs) I would be all set. r

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