The Shield

With our relocation to Crete for a large portion of the year we decided that paying for Sky all year just for the five months during which we would watch it was a waste of money. Better, we felt, to spend the money on DVDs which could be watched at both locations. In fact, comparing DVD prices to a TV subscription is something many should consider if they feel they need to make savings, especially when taking into consideration how many programs you can get hold of with freeview or freesat now. £20+ a month can buy a lot of DVDs…

So, I’ve been reading reviews, checking the sites that sell DVDs — generally seeing what might be available and worth watching. I’ve heard a lot about The Wire and The Shield so I bought the first seasons of those at £12.89 and £8.49 respectively. I’m presently enjoying Primeval but didn’t get to see the last series, so bought all the first three seasons for £15.93.

We’ve just started watching The Shield, in fact watched the first three episodes in one evening, and it is very enjoyable. This is great because there are 8 seasons for us to see. We’ll be giving The Wire a go next. Suggestions on anything else worthwhile are all welcome! 

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