The Tar-Aiym Krang – Alan Dean Foster

Another classic read. It’s a familiar story of a quest to find some powerful alien artefact and a bit of a romp from start to finish. We have the profit-seeking merchants, the good guys of the Humanx amalgamation and the boy hero with his pet mini-dragon and nascent psionic powers. It’s old stuff of course. One has to accept that said alien artefact has dials, switches and miles of wiring though now we are living in an age when they have all but disappeared. I could imagine breadboards of transistors heating up somewhere inside the Krang. One part, that thoroughly dates this and made me chuckle more, was when Flinx got a utility belt that had on it an amazing device that could store fifty books! Yet, characters and story are all, and Foster does both very well. I very much enjoyed this and now need to get hold of the ensuing books.


One thought on “The Tar-Aiym Krang – Alan Dean Foster

  1. I read the original four part Flinx series in the early ’80’s when I was in my early teens, and still have those original paperbacks. Great fun back then and I followed them up with the Icerigger saga. Revisited them myself recently and still enjoyed them.

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