The Technician.

Okay, I’ve gone and done it now – I’ve emailed The Technician to Macmillan. There is a point I often reach when checking through and editing where I wonder if I’m beginning to make changes simply because I’m bored with reading it for the nth time. I know that there will be mistakes in the book that I’ve missed, but finding them becomes an increasingly difficult chore as I read the words that are in my head, rather than the ones on the screen.

Time to sit back now, take a breath, and start looking at the the next one.

Incidentally, more questions for the next video clip please, but no more: “When are we going to see so and so again?” or “What’s next?” I’ve already covered that The Technician comes out next August, The Departure comes out the year after and meanwhile I’ll be writing the series of books that come after the latter.

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