The Technician Kindle Promotion

Yesterday, for the first time in a week, we ventured onto the internet. We didn’t want to use one of the places down in Makrigialos for this but our Belgian neighbour had kindly offered to let us use his connection. Nice to see a conversation ongoing on the open thread on my blog but, since I didn’t want to intrude too much with our neighbour, I didn’t join in, just as I didn’t venture onto Twitter or Facebook. As usual there were piles of junk mail to be simply deleted but one email did turn out to be important and urgent. Bella Pagan informs me that The Technician is appearing in an Amazon Kindle promotion between March 30th and April 12th. The people at Amazon want an exclusive blog post from me to a maximum of 500 words. Bloody good timing since this time of year is the longest I am away from the internet. Anyway, along with this I’ve emailed said post to Bella. I hope it isn’t too late.   

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