The Victorian Farm.

Well, since I’m often putting up post here ranting about something I haven’t liked either on TV or in the cinema, perhaps it’s time to talk about something I do like. The Victorian Farm is a delightful, informative and absolutely addictive program, each episode packed with fascinating details about how country folk way back then used to live. It certainly shows that they were also a hardier breed than us, and opens ones eyes to just how soft and cosseted are our present lives.
The program also brings home how those who really improve people’s lives are inventors. The guy who invented the washing machine did more to negate the drudgery of day-to-day life than any number of politicians, and the guy who invented the tractor fed more of the starving than any charity you care to name.
And apparently, there’s plenty who agree with me about this program, since its viewing figures have exceeded those of the execrable Big Brother. A victory of substance over junk. It’s on tonight at 9.00 on BBC2, so screw Piers Morgan or that crappy Hustle, turn over and watch something worth your time.

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