Twilight — Stephenie Meyer.

Okay, putting myself in danger here of undermining my tough guy SFnal street cred, I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I polished it off in one day (having completed American Gods that morning) and it wasn’t boring, my attention didn’t wander, I didn’t skip anything and I became thoroughly absorbed, so much so it felt like I was watching the film again. This is because Meyer’s writing is transparent and allowed the characters and story to shine through – what you’ll find in many popular best selling books (ones that very often get sneered at by the literarti). No writerly ego here trying to display ‘literary brilliance’ and jostle the story into second place  Another thing to note is how true to the book was the film. Everything in the book seemed to be up there on the screen. That transparency again – I’m guessing that writing the film script was just an exercise in precis. Thoroughly recommended.  

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