UPCOMING4.ME Dark Intelligence Review

“Dark Intelligence” is Neal Asher’s long awaited comeback to Polity universe and is something of a blinder. To be honest, I desperately wanted it to be great so I’m pretty chuffed that it really is. Long gone are the days when authors were just a name on the cover. Today we, as readers, are often treated to insights about their private lives, their real-life views, interests and passions. In my opinion we’re better for it because often you learn to appreciate the authors for what they are and not just because they’re, well, such talented writers. So through social media I was aware that Neal had an extremely tough year behind him and I can’t even imagine how hard it must’ve been writing “Dark Intelligence”. And yet, contrary to his previous very bleak Owner trilogy, his new one somehow feels carefree and effortless. It brings together all the best bits of the Polity universe while at the same time providing an excellent entry point to newcomers. It’s simply a damn good book.

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