Warhammer Prador Codex

The Warhammer Prador Codex can be found here, and I’ve also stuck a permanent link in the sidebar. Have fun with it!

This is a not-for-profit, free-source expansion to the world of Warhammer 40k, written by TheCyben and The_Grin_Reaper using all kinds of intellectual property from other, perhaps more talented but certainly less inebriated people. We thank them all, and remind you, the Prador Codex user, to support them by purchasing their books, games, models, Christmas albums and signed commemorative plates where applicable.

This FanDex is dedicated to five very important groups, without whom it would never have been made a reality. In no particular order of importance, they are:

The Whangarei Wargamers Games Workshop and the 40K design and writing teams, the Unholy Legions of Heavy Metal Sci-fi geeks of the world (and the net – cheers Wikipedia) and (with a whole group to himself):

Mr Neal Asher, the man who first imagined the Prador and brought them to life through a series of books which will one day form the core of our new religion…

Well, maybe not! But if you enjoy this ‘dex, be sure to check out Neal’s writing, and if you love his writing and enjoyed seeing the Prador chew through some Orks and Tau and such, perhaps you should start an army and join your local Wargaming club. They’re not half as creepy as they look, I assure you!

One more time for the slow kids…

This is not an official GW or 40k product. It is not an official expansion of the Polity universe, or in any way endorsed by Neal Asher’s publishers. This information is designed to be freely used, distributed and copied – if someone tries to charge you for it, first kick them in the groin and then get an adult to sue them black and blue. What YOU or ANYONE does with this ‘dex is not the responsibility of TheCyben or The_Grin_Reaper, no matter what your mum says.

Enjoy responsibly, and kick arse!

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