Warm January.

On Monday when I walked outside to get on my bike, it was like a spring morning. Today, despite the frost outside, the temperature is set to rise to 14 degrees Celsius, which is almost T-shirt weather. As well as snow drops blooming, other later flowers like daffodils are coming up. Farmers are happy with the prices for their crops rising by a third – mainly because of their use in biofuels – and with the fact that their animals have been able to graze throughout the winter because the grass hasn’t stopped growing. Whilst the enviro-we-all-need-to-be-poor-and-grow-cabbages-greenies march down the street with their The End is Nigh placards, everyone else turns down the central heating and enjoys the benefits.

4 thoughts on “Warm January.

  1. meanwhile, in other places, because of global warming there are destruction of coastal reefs endangering the lives of millions who depend upon these fragile systems; water shortages in major cities in the world such as Sydney.

    But as long as we don't have to wrap up so much, we're fine, eh? I mean we might even have a decent wine over here. Head in the sand?

    – David

  2. Destruction of coastal reefs? Yeah, if something is happening, blame it on global warming and you're sure to get media attention. As for Sydney, might that city's problem be about four million people taking outdoor showers, washing cars and in many cases, running swimming pools?

    No, I don't have my head in the sand, nor do I have it thrust up James Hansen's arse.

  3. http://edition.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/02/02/climate.talks.ap/index.html

    It takes time for people who don't have access to the right information and science to finally come round. But it's happening. This is the problem with tribal carnivores such as humans. It's difficult to see past our own existence. We lack the philosophical sophsitication to ever move on from things such the Judeo-Christian ehtic, let alone get over our own selfishness.

    And you know what? Any media attention to this is good. We're finally looking past ourselves. That's a good thing. You know what? Global heating is a positive feedback system that's going to cause a serious amount of sublte damage. You've got to accept the paradigm shit in science towards holistic systems.

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