Who Read My Books? Alexander Kruel.

I’m 25 year old guy living in Germany. I call myself a transhumanist, atheist and vegetarian. I’m interested in science fiction, science, philosophy, math, language, consciousness and the nature of reality…

I grew up within a religious environment. Later decided to become vegetarian when I was around 14. That decision was likely my first revolt against religion. Shortly afterwards, still ‘believing’, I completely rejected god. I guess that made me a satanist? Anyway, around the age of 19, with the onset of prevalent Internet access, I quickly decided to call myself an atheist. Although my atheism is just a public statement. In an epistemological debate I’d position myself as agnostic.

I Visited elementary school and afterwards went onto middle school. In Germany we have 3 school types that follow upon elementary school. Basically the lowest one is for dumb people, the middle one for average and another one for smart kids. I quit middle school at 15 and went onto the lowest school type to quit altogether after a year, without graduation.

I started to work as baker. Though found Iā€™d rather sleep at night, since staying up basically turns me into a zombie. Afterwards I did various jobs, amongst other things working as digital media designer. The horror of push-button creativity…

These days I’m mainly trying to get a decent education.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not neurotypical šŸ˜‰

Photos? http://www.flickr.com/photos/xixidu/sets/1026306/

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