Who Reads My Books? Andy Chaytor.

Next one in the rogues’ gallery:

Hi Neal, I work in a bank – as you can probably guess from my web address. It’s my job, amongst others, to work out what is going on with markets and how clients – pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds and government entities – should be positioned. It’s been a fun couple of years as I’m sure you can imagine!! I started doing this 6 years ago having got a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.
Reading-wise my passions are sci-fi first and foremost but also I enjoy crime novels – especially Agatha Christie; what I look for from a book is some level of escapism. The point about a good book, I think, is that it allows your mind to escape when you are reading it AND when you are not, as you mull over the ideas and thoughts that have been presented to you. That’s what makes you my favourite author – more than anyone else I have ever read, your books (the concepts and thoughts within them) stay with me long, long after I have finished reading.
Keep up the good work!!

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