Who Reads my Books: Kerri & Guy Slaney

Hello Mr Asher,

My name is Kerri Slaney and my husband Guy and I are both big fans of your books.

He’s a civil servant working for DFT in Transport Security and I’m a commercial scheduler for a few niche channels like CBS Reality & the Horror Channel.

Guy’s been a fan of your for many years and is more interested in sci-fi whereas I’ve always been more of a Pratchett girl. That said a couple of years ago on holiday in Scotland he’d bought along Prador Moon and Alastair Reynolds House of Suns, so I read both and adored them. I read Prador Moon twice that week and have enjoyed all the series, particularly Brass Man.

We’re really a geeky couple, so I’ve attached few pics of our library of books and Guy’s Mr Crane character from the Champions Online which I think is rather spiffy.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you & your family.


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