Who Reads my Books? Malcolm Murdock

Hey Neal! Figured I’d bite on the Who Reads My Books. My name is Malcolm Murdock, a 37 year-old husband, proud father of two, product developer and software engineer by day, and sci-fi writer by night. I grew up the son of a physicist, so sci-fi featured prominently in our house from a young age, and I was weaned on a diet of Star Trek and David Weber. After many years of writing projects on the side, I finally published my first novel, The Quantum Price, back in 2019, and the sequel, The Hidden Price this past December. I’ve got a long ways to go and much to learn, but as first books go I’m quite proud of them. Here’s the Amazon link.

I started reading your books a few years back when a friend mentioned “some series with sentient spaceships that are intentionally sociopathic to be better killers.” But then I promptly forgot which friend told me, or which series it was. Some internet sleuthing brought me to your books, and I was hooked. The Polity novels were the first time I’d ever read something with sentient ships (at least as I recall?) and I absolutely loved the idea and the execution. (I also loved how you didn’t bow to preachy, in vogue politics in your books, as so many others do). I’ve now made my way through some polity, some Ian Cormac, and with every one I finish I’m delighted to remember that there are about 200 left to go. So make sure you keep the supply topped off, sir :). Thanks for creating such memorable stories and characters, and I look forward to all the many I have yet to read!

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