Who Reads My Books? Owen Roberts.

Hi Neal,

I see some recent posts on The Skinner about your readers, so I’d thought I’d chime in with my story in the remote hope that you find some interest in it.

I’m an Australian software engineer, and although I’ve only been paid for this since I finished my degree (BE Computer Engineering), I’ve loved programming since the age of 11 or so. My first computer was the Dick Smith Wizard, and in addition to enjoying the programming, I also get a massive kick out of experiencing the exponential increase in the technology driving it. Most of my programming work has been in cryptography, covering authentication and encryption, primarily using the likes of RSA, DSA and Elliptic Curve algorithms to produce certification authority products and services.

I also love SF. Modern: Asher, Banks, Brin, Egan, Hamilton, Morgan, Reynolds, Stephenson, Stross. Older: Aldiss, Asimov, Bear, Gibson, Herbert, Niven, Robinson. I particularly enjoy the AI and creatures of Asher and Banks, and the physics of Egan.

I also enjoy a game of D&D, chess with 8yr old son, draughts with my 5yr old daughter, and drinks with my wife :_) Front rows of bookshelf attached. Really enjoying your blog and your work!
Owen Roberts
(you can use that mug shot if you really have to :_)

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