Who Reads my Books? Scott Steensma

Hello Neal, I saw your post about who reads your books, and seeing as I just finished The Soldier… Anyway, I’m Scott Steensma, Australian Librarian living in Melbourne, and I started with Prador Moon, then on to the Cormac novels, and now I’m working though your other works. I’m a big SF fan (Both books and tv/films), a keen hiker, and I occasionally dabble in writing a bit of SF too. I review everything I read at https://goodreads.com/user/show/36819318-scott and as you can see there I’ve really enjoyed your work. The Soldier was a hell of a lot of fun btw 🙂

I will send a pic through this evening when I get home. Otherwise, I’m a big boardgamer- Terraforming Mars played over steam pretty much got me though the six month lockdown we had here in Melbourne.

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