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  1. Interesting site, but it's still worth shopping around.
    The Skinner:
    Book depository – £5.27, free del
    Play.com – £5.49, free del
    Amazon – £6.49, free over £15(I think)
    Of course this is for us in the UK.
    I have used Play alot and find them very efficient and being a mean Scotsman, every penny's a prisoner 🙂
    Cheers Neal


  2. If you look at the small print, they can only deliver to some countries, certainly not all; look under 'delivery' on the right hand column. BookDepo is very good for some orders, but more expensive with others. I can't get delivery to Taiwan, for instance (I tend to use abebooks.com more often). But it's possible to get some very good deals with it if you live in a country where they do deliver.

  3. I just ordered my Line War from Amazon UK to be delivered to the US, because Book Depository was showing sold out. Now it's there (got a bit eager). I've had great luck with them shipping to the US. Amazon UK will also ship to the US, but it's 3.99 per order and 2.99 (GBP) per item. With the current exchange rate, I'm still getting line war for less than the US price of 39.95 (USD).

    So, short version is Book Depository is legit. Shipping method is Royal Post.

  4. im in the US – have ordered a few of the Banks Culture books from that site — takes a few weeks but got here fine, free delivery as stated. Will probably order Line War from there in a few days I think.

  5. Hilldiggers for Germany (all three with free delivery):
    Amazon.de €10.99
    bol €8.50
    Book depository €7.93

    Well, it does sound like an interesting deal. They say "Western Europe 3-7 Working Days", so we will see in about a week. 🙂


  6. I'm UK based but can vouch for the Book Depository as well. I've ordered from them plenty of times and always check their prices against Amazon's. They can be particularly cheap when it comes to US books, $15 paperback has been coming in at under £8 while Amazon have been known to charge over £10 for the same title.

    But as Gary says, they don't deliver to everywhere, but where they do it's free, even to Australia. No idea how they make any money.

  7. I've been using BookDepository almost since its opening in 06 and I am very happy. It usually takes 5-6 working days from the order day to the book arriving to my door near NYC.
    I ordered 32 books until now.
    The last 2 books sent were Swiftly, ordered 3/18 arrived 3/24 and Last Argument of Kings, ordered 3/20 arrived 3/26.
    I ordered Line War on 1/4 and it's shipping 3/4, so I expect it by 9/4 or so.


  8. My copy of Hilldiggers arrived today, eight days after ordering. So I can indeed recommend Book depository for World-wide Free Delivery.
    You should of course always compare the price to the one of your local internet bookservice, but it's surely worth a look. 🙂

  9. I used Book dep. on an order to Australia. They were very quick in arriving and the price was great as not many ship from the UK to Oz.
    Highly recommended.

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