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Well this is rather nice. As of right now on Amazon.co.uk, Line War is at number 4 in the SF bestsellers (it’s been hanging around there for a while) and number 72 in books overall. I’ve also just been told that the first print run of Hilldiggers paperback sold out last month and that they’re having to reprint, before the actual release date. Other news: I’m 80,000 words into Orbus. Also, very soon, I hope to be posting some news about some, well, Hollywood stuff. I’ve really had to clamp down to prevent myself shouting about this… damn, shut up Neal.

12 thoughts on “Writing News.

  1. Congrats Neal! Number 4 that is some good going.
    BTW if Hollywood is looking for an older yet dignified-looking guy to play Cormac and doesn't mind him having a Welsh accent and can't afford Hopkins then I'm available 🙂

  2. Brilliant news on all fronts there. Well deserved, you write the best SF around right now. About time someone took notice.

    BTW Gerard Butler for Ian Cormac is my vote. Mind you I guess we could be casting for Skinner, oh god I'd love to see Spatterjay. Bill Nighy would make a great Sable Keech IMO.

  3. Hollywood stuff….?

    Please let it be The Skinner, Please let it be The Skinner, Please let it be The Skinner, Please let it be The Skinner, Please let it be The Skinner, Please let it be The Skinner, Please let it be The Skinner 😉

  4. The Skinner on the big screen would, I think, blow my mind…

    Or any of your books for that matter (as long as they are done propperly).

  5. Excellent news about the Amazon rankings. My preorder arrived from Amazon UK on Saturday and I'll be starting it on the train to work today. I can't wait.

  6. Congrats Neal.

    A nice little Hollywood option on Cormac and you can buy a boat to go with the pad in Greece.

    They'll make a pigs ear of it but a least we've read the books first.

    I've just got Hilldiggers and Line war to read on me holidays next week.

    I'd second a vote for them to do 'The Skinner' but for your bank balance 5 Cormac movies would probably be better. As long as you make sure Keanu Reeves doesn't get the part. I'd have to kill you if that happened.

  7. Before there's too much speculation about all this Hollywood thing, I have to tell you all that it has little to do with my books. Unless it all goes tits up you'll find out about it in due course.

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